Morning Randomness aka Braindumping??


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I’m up early today. I’ve watched tv, made coffee and tidied up a bit and it’s just 5:35am. Why? I lost my phone in the sofa (don’t judge) and to add insult to injury, my alarm rings from 5:00 to 5:15am ( discovery of the day. smh). At any rate, I saw this picture as I was reading blogs that I haven’t read in awhile and thought “how cute” and so easy to do. I even thought that I could write monthly goals, using the same format, on my daughter’s old easel that is no longer in use.  Repurpose. I guess I can add some paint and a few designs and revive the board. Wait! I work in an old school so my office has a chalkboard. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Traditionally, I’ve used a muted color palette for my Christmas decorations; however, this year, I’ve added a bit of color. Image


I absolutely love the colors!!! Although I have a colorful personality, I tend to love the “classicness” of neutrals. It even spills over into my makeup and nails. I usually stick to earth tones. Speaking of earth tones…OMG!!!!!

Image  Image

There’s no secret where I will be today. That is after I finish payroll at work. I’m so excited about this collection and usually they are hits or misses. I predict that this is the beginning of a serious love affair.

I’m also in love with fabric and have an extensive collection. Santa brought me a serger for Christmas and I will be taking sewing courses beginning…next week??? Oh wow!!! I’m super hype. I sew. I’ve sewn in the past and attended apparel design courses in Maryland. I’ve since turned away from my passion, only to engage minimally in order to get a skirt or two out of the deal. Skirts?? Yes, I love them. Hmmmmm…stay tuned is all I can say.

There are so many other things in the works. Oh! before I forget…Image

I am making a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle. Care to join me? Sign up!!!



Today’s Favorite Things

So I ran out of work to come home to an empty house (Woooo Hooooo!!!!). I showered and put on some sweats with time to kill before getting the lil’ person from the bus. I did not want to turn on the tv and risk having to leave whatever peaked my interest, nor did I want to hear the “noise” (I think the latter spoke very clearly).

At any rate, Tuesday nights are free from extra-curriculars and so I usually engage in some type of activity after homework duty. So as I was looking on Pinterest, I came across this pin that sparked my interest. I love typography (I so want to learn) but never take the time. 😦


OMG!!! I’d like to think that I can maintain a very organized journal but my life has proven otherwise.  BUT for some reason I keep the faith. Ha!! I’m going to master this one day.


This is the closest I’ve gotten to an organized (half-completed) page in a book full  of chaos. At the time, I thought it was great but it was way over-complicated and difficult to maintain. So instead, I’ll drool over my today’s favorite blog .


This post served as the inspiration for today’s blog entry. I had the crazy idea to keep a gratitude journal this November. #fail. My life seems too busy to do even that. I guess I will have to schedule time for myself. Which reminds me…I bought a new book at the recommendation of the trainer who presented on Change Management. I have at least scheduled 15 minutes (with the use of my phone’s timer) to read daily. This is done in my office with plenty of disruptions that I try to ignore through my lack of focus.


It’s a pretty good read. 

One last thing before I go…Christmas movies on Hallmark have taken over my life but as we sit and complete homework assignments, the Christmas music is on!!! Baby, it’s cold outside.




I am pleased to report that at least one of my guilty pleasures is subsiding…or is it? I have noticed that I am no longer desperate to get my hands on every magazine that has at least one image that sparks my inner creative goddess. I am now able to glance at images in magazines in the checkout area of the grocery store without purchasing 5 or more monthly publications. Could it be because I snap pictures of the things that appeal to me while impatiently waiting? Or could it be the ever increasing access to images via a myriad of social media sites. Is anyone else a slave to Pinterest?? By the way, this is the summer of Pinterest projects and I am even thinking to do a weekly schedule to keep track of the projects that I am aiming to complete. Can you resist making homemade mod podge from ingredients in your kitchen cupboards?…Oh yeah?…Well, good for you!!! I’ll be pinning until pinning is no longer an option.

Anyway, where was I? Oh…. So, the recovery thing. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from my addiction of wanting to make eye-catching images come to life in my space. These images are so vivid and inspirational and  keep me wanting more. Even the typography seems to come to life, sashaying across the page albeit graceful or rocking out to the latest pop tunes (lol. *shrugs* that’s really how I see it!!).

Creativity!!! It’s what I love…who I am. I credit creativity as my reason to be. It’s that thing that keeps me sane in my not-so-sane world. Whatever it is, I guess recovery is not an option because without the ability to create I would expire. I think I really would.

Well… Happy Friday!!! What will you create today?