Morning Randomness aka Braindumping??


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I’m up early today. I’ve watched tv, made coffee and tidied up a bit and it’s just 5:35am. Why? I lost my phone in the sofa (don’t judge) and to add insult to injury, my alarm rings from 5:00 to 5:15am ( discovery of the day. smh). At any rate, I saw this picture as I was reading blogs that I haven’t read in awhile and thought “how cute” and so easy to do. I even thought that I could write monthly goals, using the same format, on my daughter’s old easel that is no longer in use.  Repurpose. I guess I can add some paint and a few designs and revive the board. Wait! I work in an old school so my office has a chalkboard. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Traditionally, I’ve used a muted color palette for my Christmas decorations; however, this year, I’ve added a bit of color. Image


I absolutely love the colors!!! Although I have a colorful personality, I tend to love the “classicness” of neutrals. It even spills over into my makeup and nails. I usually stick to earth tones. Speaking of earth tones…OMG!!!!!

Image  Image

There’s no secret where I will be today. That is after I finish payroll at work. I’m so excited about this collection and usually they are hits or misses. I predict that this is the beginning of a serious love affair.

I’m also in love with fabric and have an extensive collection. Santa brought me a serger for Christmas and I will be taking sewing courses beginning…next week??? Oh wow!!! I’m super hype. I sew. I’ve sewn in the past and attended apparel design courses in Maryland. I’ve since turned away from my passion, only to engage minimally in order to get a skirt or two out of the deal. Skirts?? Yes, I love them. Hmmmmm…stay tuned is all I can say.

There are so many other things in the works. Oh! before I forget…Image

I am making a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle. Care to join me? Sign up!!!



Sunday Morning Ranting

What’s new?

  • Wednesday Date Night with my boo (Kristy Lynn)!!! She is an awesome individual who was sent to me to bring out the best. We are so much alike and so different at the same time. I love her to pieces. We joke that we were separated at birth and the way we re-connected was orchestrated by the work of the gods. There’s no other way to explain that. The coolest thing??? Our birthdays are two days apart. You’ll hear lots about her over the course of this journey…I promise!!! This wouldn’t even be happening without her. I am soooooo grateful!!! She’s my angel.  She’ll do anything for me and I’ll do anything for her. So don’t let the necessary occur!!! (Btw, our daughters feel the same way about each other.) We are family–not by blood but–by love!!! Oh! She knows when something is wrong with me even without talking to me. That’s my boo—my soul sister for LIFE!!!

This was the site for our first date night. The service was great!!!!


  • I got a promotion at work. Yay!!! Ummmm no!!! I love my job but the work is INSANE and leaves me exhausted. I’m now THE BOSS!!! To whom much is given, much is required. Oh!! It’s a nonprofit agency. Need I say more?


  • I teach at a local college. Teach what? Math, of course. I really enjoy it!!! My next session begins tomorrow. I’m teaching Developmental Algebra. I should be working on my lesson now but I decided that writing this piece needed to happen…NOW!!! Anywho, teaching is the most rewarding job. I can’t imagine doing anything else. That’s one of the things I miss at my “day job”. I don’t have the time to teach classes there because I’m managing EVERYTHING!!! The fact that I was considered for the position is amazing! Back to teaching…well, I love to bring Math to life for adults. Oh my, I leave there exhausted but so fulfilled. I love that job and the fact that I was asked to teach another course from someone other than my supervisor made me light up. I’m being noticed. Ha! Who knew my love of teaching Math would turn into this? Definitely not me.

Know someone who needs math tutoring??? I’m working on a really cool idea. In the meantime, inquire about pricing at  Trust me. You will not be disappointed!!!


  • I’ve lost weight!!!  I stopped focusing on what I should be and just lived. I will admit that eating properly is still a struggle (if I even remember to eat).  I can say that I’ve been conscious of my sugar intake and I now drink more water. I try not to eat a lot of carbs after noon. Also, I stopped consuming fast food, and soda (I’ve had maybe two 20 ounce bottles in the last few months).  I have also limited my alcohol intake.  I used to obsess over the scale and was disappointed every time. Now?  I stepped on and awwww shucks!!! I’ve lost weight.
  • I’ve also been growing my hair. I’m now at brastrap length. It’s been a long journey but I’m loving it. Are you interested but don’t know where to start. Start here: The ladies are super supportive and non-judgmental. We are all learning our hair together so, come on over and join the fun!!!


  • I’ve also lost my creative self. I miss being creative. I miss painting. I bought two canvases months ago. Months ago…smh…untouched…sad. Well, now I’m going to return to my first love. I love painting. It liberates me. It’s an artform that allows me to push beyond my vulnerabilities. My daughters dance, my son creates BEAUTIFUL music and I paint.  Stay tuned…


Oh! I’ve vowed to visit AC Moore or Michael’s weekly. I need to drag Danielle with me. LOL. That may not be such a good idea. I can see the money flying out of my pocket. SMH. Shopping with her at art stores is part of my journey of my love of art. We used to go to great lengths to exercise our creativity. I miss those days…but what’s stopping me from being me?


Creative Expression…at it’s finest!!!


I can’t tell you how much I love Petrilude. I know people have issues with the whole drag queen thing but I see him as a very competent artist who enjoys his craft and to that, I salute him. Soooooo, when I saw this picture of him, I was floored. I mean like long stare and jaw dropped. I was… I am in awe.

Green Floral Skirt & I’m Back!!

Hello there!!!

I’m back…again!!! It’s summer vacation and I have found my inspiration. (Well, I had help…sorta. I was invited to be a designer in a kids’ fashion show in Maryland via J & Company Christian Modeling In Christ). I made a few pieces but as always I believe that I could’ve pushed myself even further out of the box…maybe next time. However, I have been planning projects since yesterday and feel that I have a pretty good lineup that I will gladly share with you.

I know! I could have ironed the fabric first but chalk it up to exhaustion. Either way, I love it and I am thinking about making a zipper pouch out of this fabric. I have a few yards left. Well, that’s all for now as I have a long list of tasks to tackle. Who knows I may have the other pics up before the end of the evening. Stay tuned!!!

The Decision

Well, my daughter began kindergarten this school year after much research and I decided that I would register her at four years old. At the beginning of September, she was two months shy of being five years old. I wavered because being an educator I noticed when children that were younger than their peers were in my classroom they did not perform as well as their older peers–sometimes. I would have to say that sometimes it made no difference at all and that there seemed to have been many factors as to why the inconsistencies/deficiencies existed.

I rationed. I reasoned. I justified. Still I had no answer. I questioned as to whether I wanted her to begin kindergarten to satisfy my own needs or had I truly believed she was ready. The state department of education believed she was not. Having an issue with “the educational authority” making the decision for me, I searched for a school that would take her at the age of 4.10. Ha! I did just that and it was MUCH easier than I thought.

So now that she has been in kindergarten for a little over two mouths I am proud to say that she is reading, spelling and writing. She is also a great mathematician. There are some things that I noticed that are deficient (but who doesn’t have deficiencies??). However, those deficiencies are a part of her make up. She has some speech and language issues but none of them are hindering her educational growth.

As a family unit, we (Mom, Dad and siblings) are so proud of her. Everyday, she is making progress. We decided that she probably needed to go slowly at first instead of full immersion. After careful thought it was agreed that we made the right decision and that we couldn’t be happier. Did I mention that she is homeschooled??