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It Hurts When I Swallow

It Hurts When I Swallow

I thought I would be able to construct a list or offer an entertaining post but not tonight. I’m sick. I’m on the sofa wrapped in a blanket, clothed in sweats. Oh! And I’m FREEZING (with the heat on). I’m praying that I can hang until Chicago Fire ends. Until tomorrow…I hope.

56 Inserts


So now I’m fighting the urge to go to sleep so that I can cut some of these. My goal was to get my “couponing page” ready but I don’t know how. I wish I was a techie. *sigh* Anyway, I will be posting my couponing adventures on the home page until I can figure out how to house these posts on a page of their own.

At least I have my Sn@p binder. 🙂